Even Though You Canceled Your Credit Card, Is It Still a Statement?

Today, the use of credit cards is increasing uncontrollably. Consumption craze has reached an even more insurmountable level with credit cards. In this case, consumers are going to close some of their credit cards.

However, in some cases, closing the credit cards may not be the solution. Closed credit cards can continue to receive regular statements. What should people do if they say that my credit card is closed even though I have my credit card closed?


Closed credit card statement status

Everyone knows that credit cards are made in advance and in installments. In some cases, we may not be able to fully pay the debt of the card due to installment purchases.

After your credit card has been canceled, in some cases, even if you have paid off your entire debt, monthly installments and statements showing offsetting may continue to be sent to you.

Therefore, even if you have closed your credit card, the statement will continue to come. However, this does not mean that your card is not turned off.


What should I do if I have a statement on my closed credit card?

What should I do if I have a statement on my closed credit card?

If you have your credit card closed and you still get a statement, read our advice below.

  1. Our first suggestion is to deposit money into your demand TL account as much as the amount of the statement.
  2. You should then contact your bank’s customer service to connect to credit card transactions.
  3. Afterwards, you should tell the customer service that you want the statement of your credit card that you have closed to be no longer available.
  4. Your bank’s customer service will also deduct the amount in your demand TL account for that debt and no more statements will come from your card.


There may also be cunning of banks

Make sure that all card debt can be covered. Close all debts, including forward installments for credit cards. Then apply to cancel your card. Cards that you do not use are not considered canceled. Even if you don’t use it, the bank will still charge you a service fee, indicating that it is still serving you. Customers think that the entire debt is closed before the statements are issued and the card is canceled.

The cancellation request must be forwarded to the bank for card cancellation. The customer may pay the apparent debt if interest is paid late and interest may be reflected. When customer service is called, the daily debt is seen. Late payment is reflected in the interest does not appear. Extracts as long as he owes. If the account pays before the cut-off date, interest has not yet been reflected.

The customer must follow his account, credit card, and account. The cards are closed when there is a card debt. Even if the cardholder does not pay the debt, he may even perform.


Can the closed credit card be reopened?

There may also be cunning of banks

Another question that is asked is whether you can open the closed credit card again. This may vary depending on how you turned off your card.

If you pay all of your credit card debt at once and have closed without any delay process, it is quite easy to have your credit card reused. You can easily make a new credit card application from your bank’s customer service department.

However, if you have not been able to repay your credit card debt regularly and if it is closed, it may be more difficult to get a credit card again. Re-credit card depends on your credit rating and indebtedness.

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